New workshops 2023

February 2023 begins with a change to my previous workshops to celebrate the coming year. It is hard to believe that we are already a month into 2023. Where did January go? I took time out from all meetings in January to focus on the stuff I am passionate about as I seldom have the time to do this throughout the year.

I will be teaching ‘”Basic Machine Quilting for Beginners” and “Ruler Quilting is the Rave” for the West Australian Quilters Association aka WAQA this year. Information about these workshops can found here on the WAQA website or on the workshop page on this site.

More information about these workshops will be provided on this site along with my social media sites very soon.

Shirt Tales or Tails?

During last weekend I started cutting out Terry’s flannelette shirts to make a quilt for my youngest daughter Cathrine who will be convalescing for several weeks after major surgery early next week. I cut enough fabric out to make 100 half square triangle blocks which I completed over the weekend.

On Monday and Tuesday I managed to stitch half the blocks together in rows. During this time I began to wonder why I had ever started this project as piecing is not my forte. You have be so precise to get the points to meet and it doesn’t seem to be happening for me. Looking forward to the quilting which I always enjoy.
Today I began stitching the rows together and Angus my Jack Russell has been lucky to see the day out, he has been a real terror. I might end up swinging him round by his little tail.
I laid my blocks out in rows on the floor ready for sewing together and Angus thought he would rearrange the design for me🤬 Thankfully he did not chew any of the blocks up! Note to self put Angus and Abby in the garden when laying quilts out on the floor. Will I ever learn?

Pleased to say tablecloth finished ready to be posted to the UK 🇬🇧

How Time Flies

Wow! Where did June go? I haven’t even found time to post this month and July begins on Wednesday. Looking back over the month, I have been busy sewing completing one project and beginning a few more.

I am pleased to say that I have finally finished the Westalee Ruler quilt which I started  as an on online class in October. It was a 7 month course and I received instructional videos every month.

I also started  the Mysolation Mystery Quilt on line this month which was a 4 week course organised by Rachelle Denenny to raise funds for Backpacks 4 Kids. This organisation supports children who are victims of domestic abuse.
I have finished stitching my blocks but haven’t found time to stitch them together yet.

I also appliqued 2 blocks as my contribution to the William Morris quilt which will be raffled next year to raise funds for either the Royal Flying Doctor or the Breast Cancer Association.

Last week l started designing a tablecloth for my sister in the UK and did some stitching this morning. I’m quite enjoying this project as it is a change from what I usually do.

A few more butterflies to be added to the tablecloth. At the moment I’m not sure that I will use wadding in the tablecloth as it needs to be drapy. I am thinking it will be best to use a soft fabric as a lining.

Stitching Begins

As fabrics were all ready selected for 3 projects and 2 of them cut ready to begin, I began stitching this months projects yesterday.
The pattern for the first project is in the modern quilt workshop book which I own and includes  curved piecing which I really enjoy doing.
I’ve had my Bernina sewing machine for a few years now and only just found the hover function which is very useful for any type of piecing.

I got all the blocks pieced yesterday and stitched a couple of rows this morning before heading out to see my daughter and family in the country now lockdown restrictions are being eased. Haven’t see them since end of February.

I have also started piecing the first blocks for Rachelle Denneny’s mystery quilt. I have sewn 11 blocks together and need to complete 53 more blocks by Friday when we get our second set of instructions. I wonder what the completed quilt will look like. I do love a mystery.