Welcome to Pieces of Pye blog!

Abby the Jack Russell TerrierAt last I am able to begin machine quilting again, after an enforced breaking following surgery to my right hand. But, Alas I have no sewing machine, the technician  collected it a week ago to update the software and I haven’t seen it since so I’m going a bit stir crazy with no quilting to work on. Nevertheless this has freed up some time to play with my camera and practice my photography skills! I have of course been photographing quilts, some of which you will see on this site. I just couldn’t resist throwing a photo in of my dog Abby though.


4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Good to hear you are able to resume your quilting again Sheila, it was strange seeing you at the last camp without you machine and a quilt in front of you. Hope to see you at the April camp at Swanleigh, are you coming? The blog look great! I will keep checking in. I am retiring from work on the 17th of Jan so maybe some time I will be able to do one of your classes. I am currently tackling my first machine quilted quilt, it’s for my son and his fiance who are getting married in New Zealand in March so I have to get a move on. We are going over for the wedding and a long holiday, can’t wait. Happy blogging

  2. Shari sent me. Your quilt she shared on her blog is stunning. I had to comment on this post because I have my own Abby that I heart very much. Your Abby is a sweetie.

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