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QuiltWest – All in a day’s work!

Today began in the lock up with the QuiltWest girls, no we haven’t been put away yet because we are mentally insane as some might think, infact we are now getting down to the QuiltWest nitty gritty. The weather was warm and we quickly worked up a sweat counting metal poles into bags and checking other items on the inventory ready for the QuiltWest exhibition. Margaret, Ric, Tricia and Marion can be seen hard at work bagging standsBagging- Quilt-Stands

While I stand by with Joy supervising 🙂

Joy and Sheila at work

Joy is our catering lady and always keeps us well fed. Doesn’t looking at this plate of sumptuous food make you feel hungry?


I was starving when I got home and  in need of chocolate, as non was evident around the house I had to be content looking at the cupcakes and drooling. I made these using a pattern called Pin Cuisine from Kid’s Quilts.


The QuiltWest exhibition is now getting close and the special displays are now confirmed. We have secured the Under the Southern Sky exhibition from the Eastern States. There are 30 banner style quilt in the exhibition, Jan Rowe and Stephanie Knudsen from WA were both juried into this exhibition. You can see Jan’s quilt below. We will also be displaying a selection of Suzanne Wray’s early American quilts which sound very exciting from the description Suzanne has sent.JRoweFull


Busy making bags.

Today I spent a lovely day with 3 other ladies at a bag  making class at Ocean Keys Sewing centre. The lesson was meant to last until the middle of the afternoon, but we were all finished in good time for lunch and got away early. All the finished bags looked beautiful, below is a photo of the completed with the two class samples.

Bags made in class

Below is the bag I made, this was a really fun and quick project. This bag will be used to raise funds for  Stitches of Hope Cambodia relief. It was a lovely change to stitch something different. I really should be finishing my quilt for the QuiltWest exhibition, but keep putting it off. This is the quilt I should have entered year but didn’t finish, the top is now completed waiting to be quilted. Maybe this year

My Dilly Bag

Having arrived home early, the little dog got sprung having a little siesta on the bed which  is not allowed. She had now learned to jump about 4 times her own height!

dog sleeping

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A Dogs’ Life

Who me? dog photoI arrived home from sewing on Tuesday to be greeted by one very happy but disgustingly smelly little dog. Terry my DH was not very pleased with Abby, he had just returned from the vet. Apparently she had been snooping around the house and managed to find some Ant Bait in the bathroom  which she took to her crate and shredded. Terry rushed her off to the vet, where she was given an emetic and remained for observation. Fortunately she made a good recovery, so everyone please make sure all your poisons are well out of the reach of your animals. We didn’t think Abby could climb, but then she is a Jack Russell. Don’t we just look so sweet sleeping it off! didn’t care for the bath though!

The dog sleeping

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A complete change

Over the last few days I have been working on something a little different for the QuiltWest exhibition. I thought I’d give an art quilt a go! I’ve been playing around with some of the fancy stitches on my sewing in the hope of making a piece that is a jaw dropper. After much effort I have decided that the only person this little piece is  going to impress is the dog as a place mat. I’ll stick with the traditional and come back to this later. It could have potential for the WAQA contemporary Stitch and Bound exhibition, who knows?My Art Piece

Once again I’ve been playing threads and done a few filler designs using Signature 40/3 variegated long staple Egyptian thread. This is not my thread of choice even though it stitched out well using an 80/12 titanium topstitch needle with the tension at 1.5 and the bottom line in the bobbin. I love the filler in the bottom right hand corner, the idea comes from Leah Day’s website, Daystyle Designs


Yesterday I found another thread I really love, Faye Peskett up an Ocean Keys Sewing Centre let me have a few threads to sample. The thread I’m talking about is Superior So Fine 50/3. It is beautiful to handle and has no lint build up. I used a 70/10 Titanium topstitch needle, tension 2.5 and Bottom Line in the bobbin. The feather below was stitched out freehand and the background is stippled!Superior-so-Fine-Sun stitch sample

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Time out

The last month has been really busy and my blog has been neglected.  DH and I have been babysitting our daughter and her husband David’s property in Gingin while they were away. They have a few sheep and chucks, I managed to trip over a piece of wire in one of the animal pens and grazed both my knees and elbows which were very painful. On top of that I developed an allergy to something up there and ended up with a very itchy rash for a couple of weeks….not much fun. Everything has now settled down and over the last week I have been sewing like a mad woman.

I’m still testing various threads on my Bernina 820 and I must say I’m pleased with the results.

This sample is using Superior Monopoly thread with the Bottom Line thread in the bobbin. I used a universal 80/12 needle and threaded up through the special thread guide. My upper tension was set at .75 and sewed like a dream

Monopoly quilted sample

The sample below is a feather traced from Sharon Schamber book. I stitched this using YLI 100wt silk thread with the same thread in the bobbin. The upper tension was at 2.25 using a sharp microtex 70/10 needle. This thread is beautiful to use.

Quilted Feather Sample

The next sample uses Rasant thread which I usually use as a construction thread. I thought I’d see how it quilted up and I’m pleased with the result. This thread is a 40/3 ply, I used it in the bobbin also with my upper tension set at 2.25 and a Superior Titanium 70/10  topstitch needle. This is a freeform feather which I stitched as I went, I really enjoyed doing this!

Freeform feather

I’m very busy at the moment with the QuiltWest exhibition of which I’m one of the convenors. The exhibition is in May, you can find details on the West Australian Quilters Associations’ website  and also see the beautiful raffle quilt which we have made to raise funds for the Royal Flying Doctor. There is also a link to the WAQA blog on their website which is worth taking a look at.