A complete change

Over the last few days I have been working on something a little different for the QuiltWest exhibition. I thought I’d give an art quilt a go! I’ve been playing around with some of the fancy stitches on my sewing in the hope of making a piece that is a jaw dropper. After much effort I have decided that the only person this little piece is  going to impress is the dog as a place mat. I’ll stick with the traditional and come back to this later. It could have potential for the WAQA contemporary Stitch and Bound exhibition, who knows?My Art Piece

Once again I’ve been playing threads and done a few filler designs using Signature 40/3 variegated long staple Egyptian thread. This is not my thread of choice even though it stitched out well using an 80/12 titanium topstitch needle with the tension at 1.5 and the bottom line in the bobbin. I love the filler in the bottom right hand corner, the idea comes from Leah Day’s website, Daystyle Designs


Yesterday I found another thread I really love, Faye Peskett up an Ocean Keys Sewing Centre let me have a few threads to sample. The thread I’m talking about is Superior So Fine 50/3. It is beautiful to handle and has no lint build up. I used a 70/10 Titanium topstitch needle, tension 2.5 and Bottom Line in the bobbin. The feather below was stitched out freehand and the background is stippled!Superior-so-Fine-Sun stitch sample

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