Busy making bags.

Today I spent a lovely day with 3 other ladies at a bag  making class at Ocean Keys Sewing centre. The lesson was meant to last until the middle of the afternoon, but we were all finished in good time for lunch and got away early. All the finished bags looked beautiful, below is a photo of the completed with the two class samples.

Bags made in class

Below is the bag I made, this was a really fun and quick project. This bag will be used to raise funds for  Stitches of Hope Cambodia relief. It was a lovely change to stitch something different. I really should be finishing my quilt for the QuiltWest exhibition, but keep putting it off. This is the quilt I should have entered year but didn’t finish, the top is now completed waiting to be quilted. Maybe this year

My Dilly Bag

Having arrived home early, the little dog got sprung having a little siesta on the bed which  is not allowed. She had now learned to jump about 4 times her own height!

dog sleeping

3 thoughts on “Busy making bags.

  1. I’ve made one of this type of bag before – it’s an interesting effect. My bag was small, for a mug. I agree with Tanya – would make a good retreat class.

    Love your little dog – looks like she was very comfortable!

  2. Great bag, love the colors.
    As for Abby, she’s just learning how to judge quilts. She can compare notes with our dog who has that game all sewn up!! Step one: make sure your human pet has gone out… 🙂

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