QuiltWest – All in a day’s work!

Today began in the lock up with the QuiltWest girls, no we haven’t been put away yet because we are mentally insane as some might think, infact we are now getting down to the QuiltWest nitty gritty. The weather was warm and we quickly worked up a sweat counting metal poles into bags and checking other items on the inventory ready for the QuiltWest exhibition. Margaret, Ric, Tricia and Marion can be seen hard at work bagging standsBagging- Quilt-Stands

While I stand by with Joy supervising 🙂

Joy and Sheila at work

Joy is our catering lady and always keeps us well fed. Doesn’t looking at this plate of sumptuous food make you feel hungry?


I was starving when I got home and  in need of chocolate, as non was evident around the house I had to be content looking at the cupcakes and drooling. I made these using a pattern called Pin Cuisine from Kid’s Quilts.


The QuiltWest exhibition is now getting close and the special displays are now confirmed. We have secured the Under the Southern Sky exhibition from the Eastern States. There are 30 banner style quilt in the exhibition, Jan Rowe and Stephanie Knudsen from WA were both juried into this exhibition. You can see Jan’s quilt below. We will also be displaying a selection of Suzanne Wray’s early American quilts which sound very exciting from the description Suzanne has sent.JRoweFull

2 thoughts on “QuiltWest – All in a day’s work!

  1. Well, it’s all happening now! Not long to go. Glad the weather cooperated for you.
    Those pin cushions are just too cute! Good enough to eat.
    Looking forward to seeing the guest displays. Always very creative. And will we be having quilts from Japan this year?

    1. The japanese quilts were delivered to me late this afternoon, I haven’t even had chance for a peek yet! so guess what I’m going to do now.

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