Wedges from Esperance – Part 1

Yesterday I returned home after spending a fabulous weekend teaching and sightseeing around Esperance. The students were all enthusiastic and keen and produced some stunning work. I taught at the Bandy Creek Angling club which had a beautiful outlook over the harbour.

Angling club outlook

The weekends’ workshop covered several techniques that can be used with the Dresden plate rulers to give different designs. Ten ladies attended the workshop and they can all be seen below with some of the work they created during the weekend.

Esperance girls

On Saturday the girls worked on Spinning Wheels and Daisy Wheels. Hillary is seen here stitching her strata together. This is the first stage of making the Spinning Wheel after cutting is completed.

Hilary at work

Here is the end result.

Hilarys' block

Below are some samples of the work Lauren produced over the weekend.

Lauren's work

Jane is seen working on one of her wheels!


Below is the Fancy Wheel Jane made on Sunday – Wedgewood Blue seems an apt name for this wheel!

Janes block

Here is another amazing Fancy Wheel made by Elizabeth. All the girls did some truly stunning working so I will post more for you to see later this week.

Elizabeths' Fancy Wheel

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