Jelly Rolls amd More

During the last week I have been busy doing housework…..and also tidying out a few cupboards where I found several Jellyrolls I’ve been squirreling away. Infact I had forgotten I had them. Two of them were bought at the AQC 4years ago so I felt it was time to put them to good use. I opened them up and spread them out over the table which would you believe had been tidied!

Jellyrolls on table

I decided that I did not want to purchase any more fabrics when using the Jellyrolls and had to use only the Jellyrolls I had with any fabrics I had in my stash. I thought that firstly I would try and use only the 2½” strips in the Jellyrolls. I drew a simple block in EQ7 which would suit my needs. How simple is this. I joined 3, 6½” x 2½” strips together as shown below. There are 2 sets of strips as I  made 2 blocks.

Stage1 jelly roll stitched

I then stitched a 6½” x 2½” to the top and bottom of the strips I had just sewn together so that the 2 blocks I made now look like the photo below. Each block now measures 6½”w x 10½” high.

Stage2 top and bottom stitched to jelly roll

I then stitched a 10½” x 2½” strip to each side of the blocks to give me 2 blocks that each measured 10½” x 10 ½” as shown below.

final strips stitched to sides of block

I finally stitched a 10½” x 2½” strip to the top and bottom of each block to give me the finished blocks as shown below with a size of 10½w” x 14½h”

Finished block

I have made 26 blocks so far and look forward to putting them together as a quilt.

Even though I have been busy cleaning during the last week I did find time to socialise and went to my sewing group the Sandypatchers who met last Tuesday. I just have to share the beautiful quilt Sue a member of Sandypatchers has put together. Sue’s embroidery is spectacular. The quilt is from a book called A Gardener’s Journal by Anni Downs of Hatched and Patched.Sue's Quilt

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