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Ruler work on a domestic machine

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I purchased a set of rulers and adjustable ruler foot 72 when I got my new Bernina 770QE in August. Since that time I have been experimenting with various rulers on small samples. I am currently working on a large quilt, but, I am now feeling this was a bit ambitious to begin with. Time will tell!

The sample below uses Aurifil cotton thread and combines work with straight line and curved rulers ! Very few markings are needed which will be great once I get the hang of things.

I began the sample below a year ago with only the centre of the block being completed. A curved ruler was used to complete the block. I used glide thread in the bobbin and through the needle. I really love it sheen.

Author: Pieces of Pye

I have been a quilter since 1992, my passion is machine quilting.

One thought on “Ruler work on a domestic machine

  1. Gosh-as would have been anticipated, you are getting the hang of this so quickly!

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