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Working on UFO’s

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Much of my time is being spent at home recently while the dog recuperates after surgery. She needs to be confined for 6 weeks and carried outside at the moment. What better time to work on a few UFO’s.

The quilt on the sewing  machine is a jelly roll quilt which I made several years ago. ( The instructions for making this quilt can be on this blog). Photo of the quilt top here. I am quilting it all over using an irregular railroad track pattern.

Another quilt I found while rifling through my cupboards was this partially machine quilted demo quilt. I started this in about 2000 when I worked for a sewing machine company and used to demo machine quilting at shows. As she can see I never bothered to remove the markings on the unfinished blocks so after being left for more than 15 years they have turned brown. Really not sure what I am going to do about this yet!  I have never had this problem before and know from experience that water erasable pens are excellent so long as you wash the markings out within 6 months.

The close up photo shows what a mess the markings have made… lesson learnt!



Author: Pieces of Pye

I have been a quilter since 1992, my passion is machine quilting.

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