Under my needle

Been busy today, stitching my Stonehenge map quilt. The map will be an aerial design. Firstly I quilted the 3 layers of the quilt together using a continuous spiral design, ready for the appliqué stones.

Fusible web was used to apply the stones to the quilt sandwich which proved tricky at times. Once in position they were stitched in place using the raw edge appliqué technique.

The preparation and placement of the stones was tricky because of the small pieces used. I had to place the small stones I had cut out in order ready for exact placement around the acrylic circular template used as a guide on the prepared quilt sandwich.

Finally I completed the piece using Tsukineko inks for colouring and drawing.

7 thoughts on “Under my needle

    1. Thanks Megan. Being a traditional quilter, I am finding my venture into the Contemporary arena a challenge!. Nevertheless I am enjoying.

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