Ruler Quilting

I have been decluttering recently and came across this little quilt which was a work in progress started in an online class with Amanda Murphy Designs in January 2018.

Being March 2019, I thought it was about time I finished it plus put my own mark on it by adding a few fillers. This is the result.


I used the Bernina ruler set for all the curved quilting and the Line Tamer ruler for the straight line quilting. I have never been able to master the BSR so quilting the fillers presented the ideal opportunity. After road testing the BSR again, I have to say I prefer not to use it, as I had difficulty mastering echoes and I seem to be more consistent when not using it!

My favourite ruler for quilting straight lines is definitely the Line Tamer, I also like to use the small furniture grips on my rulers as they are not too big and give good visibility when quilting.

I find the grips excellent when using curved rulers and circles.

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