The Quilting Begins

There are 9 circles that make up this sample quilt and I have challenged myself to use a different design within each circle. I started quilting yesterday and the machine has run like a dream since I sorted the tension out. The only issues I have had are operator related. This happens when I start daydreaming or go to fast when doing minute designs. I usually quilt to music to develop rhythm but find I get lost in the music at times and then lose track of where I am going. As machine quilting can take intense concentration I take a break every 20 minutes to refresh the eyes and stretch.

Since I have started quilting the first circle I have really been enjoying working on this quilt. This quilt may not be perfect as there are a fair few creative design opportunities, but I am doing my best and I find my quilting is improving with each block which is satisfying.

The last image is the back of the quilt.

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