Quilt in a Day

Not quite a quilt in a day but very nearly. I have been busy sorting my fabric lately and came across a few metres of William Morris prints that I bought several years, so I thought I would make a quick quilt following  Joe Cunnningham’s style.

I attended Joe’s workshops at AQC last year and his ideas seem to be let’s see where the design takes you. Having done a few of Joe’s lesson I have noticed that he does have a recurring formula, that is cutting your strips at 5,1/2” 4,1/2” 3,1/2” 2,1/2” and 1,1/2”. It is quite easy to remember this formula once you have made a few quilts using this method.

I cut and made 50, 6,1/2” square blocks using Joe’s formula and following the instructions for his Fantasy Four Patch yesterday morning and laid them out in a design that I liked ready for sewing together.

In the afternoon I stitched the blocks together but because of a creative opportunity the design did not turn out the same as the original layout.

However, I prefer this design and will add the borders later today. In my estimation this quilt top will have taken about 8hrs to make including the addition of borders.

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