Balloons – Flying High

Finally finished piecing my balloon quilt and started quilting it during last week. I started by quilting in the ditch to anchor the quilt ready for stitching out the quilting designs.

Now that I am ready to quilt a dilemma has arisen as I’m not sure what pen to use for marking. My go to marking pen is a blue water erasable pen which has never presented me with any problems. However, I am loathe to use this pen on the quilt as I used jelly rolls to make it and a lot of the strips are reds. We quilters all know how notorious red fabrics are for running when wet. I’m thinking I may have to use a Frixion pen but I am not keen on using that because of the chemicals and the tendency of Frixion pens to leave a white residue on coloured fabrics.

I am not sure whether to leave the balloons with only ditch quilting or to use a curved line design within the balloons. Still thinking about that.

I have decided that I will very likely quilt the alternating white curves with a feather design thinking ‘feathers that fly’ here so they will fit in with the quilt name if nothing else.

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