New Projects

With most of my UFO’s completed, I have been working on the Westalee online ruler course quilt recently to get it finished. However after a mishap during this last month I decided I needed a break from that quilt having worked on it every month since November.
This week I started cutting out and selecting fabric so I can begin new projects next month. The fabrics below came from my stash of batik fabrics and are being used for Rachelle Denenny’s mysolation mystery quilt. Sewing begins on Friday.

The next lot of fabrics are cut ready to sew up a modern quilt. I love curved piecing and the block in the photo is a sample of a few of the blocks I will make for the quilt.

I am just about ready to cut these fabrics out for a tablecloth which I plan to appliqué so I will use my Brother ScanNCut to cut them.

And the Westalee quilt this is how far I have got before abandoning it. The mistake I made was to cut the centre panel too small so the blocks for the outer border are too big. Never mind I do have a creative opportunity to work through and will find a solution.


2 thoughts on “New Projects

  1. Your ruler quilt is a real stunner. Whatever solution you work out for the mishap, it will still be gorgeous. Love your colour combinations for the tablecloth. Having different values of the same hue will be outstanding.
    And do you really have *no* UFOs left! That deserves a medal on its own.

    1. Thx Meg. I have to admit to one I had forgotten about, it a square within a square. And there is the golliwog one which I have no desire to finish so I don’t count that.

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