Shirt Tales or Tails?

During last weekend I started cutting out Terry’s flannelette shirts to make a quilt for my youngest daughter Cathrine who will be convalescing for several weeks after major surgery early next week. I cut enough fabric out to make 100 half square triangle blocks which I completed over the weekend.

On Monday and Tuesday I managed to stitch half the blocks together in rows. During this time I began to wonder why I had ever started this project as piecing is not my forte. You have be so precise to get the points to meet and it doesn’t seem to be happening for me. Looking forward to the quilting which I always enjoy.
Today I began stitching the rows together and Angus my Jack Russell has been lucky to see the day out, he has been a real terror. I might end up swinging him round by his little tail.
I laid my blocks out in rows on the floor ready for sewing together and Angus thought he would rearrange the design for me🤬 Thankfully he did not chew any of the blocks up! Note to self put Angus and Abby in the garden when laying quilts out on the floor. Will I ever learn?

Pleased to say tablecloth finished ready to be posted to the UK 🇬🇧

4 thoughts on “Shirt Tales or Tails?

  1. The table cloth is gorgeous. Lucky person who gets that.
    The flannel quilt will be a lovely tribute to Terry. Remember, as a wise quilter said to me “strive for excellence, not perfection” (Wait a minute, I think that was you . . . ) 😃

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