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New Project

Had to put my latest quilt aside to make a cushion for our eldest daughter to give to a friend. I must say cushions are not my forte. I managed to sew the back on inside out.

I am looking forward to doing some boro stitching tomorrow hopefully!



Page 45 again

I’m still pondering Page 45 as being a traditional quilter I find tackling a landscape style quilt quite daunting. However, I know it will be a fabulous learning experience so I an going to jump right in there and give it a shot.

I have been busy looking for a suitable image to work from and rather like this one of Wastwater in the Lake District.

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Page 45

At the first meetingĀ  this year our group challenge began with each of us taking a magazine along to be popped in a bag. A page number was then selected at random, this was page 45. We then each took a magazine from the bag with the idea of using the images/articles on page 45 as inspiration for a quilt. You could not take the magazine you brought with you.
We have a year to complete this project and need to show the groupĀ  our progress each month.
Here is Page 45 of the magazine I chose.DSCN1001

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Machine Quilting – class updates

Was it really September when I last posted? It seems like yesterday, how time flies!

My New Year resolution was to be creative everyday, which I have managed to do so far this year!
This week I have been updating my samples for the machine quilting classes I am teaching this year. My first class will be gridwork design which is a follow on from my very successful Feathers and Fillers workshop. We will revisit some of the grids from that workshop as well as work on several new ones based on various grid types.

More photos to follow in the next few days

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Oh Angus

Angus our Jack Russell Terrier is not the flavour of the month today. I had thought I would finish my Wendy Williams project but discovered this….. Say no more, I went to pony club to watch my granddaughter instead of sewing today…


Who me? would I do that?


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Weekend Sewing Project

I bought the pattern for these bags Sew Together Bags  by ‘Sew Demented’ several months and it is only recently that I started making them. I completed the second one yesterday and I am fairly pleased with the result.


There are several little pockets on the inside for keeping sewing knick-knacks. This will be a very useful bag and make a lovely gift.

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Missing my Bernina 820


I had hoped to do some quilting last weekend but managed to bend my sewing machine needle. This knocked the machine out of alignment resulting in skipped stitches as well as the needle threader not working. A service and repairs is going to be $115. As you can see I did a good job of the needle which is titanium!

I had wanted to play with the fancy stitches on the sewing machine as they have a lot of potential for quilting and could be useful for quilters who are not confident with free motion quilting. I recently used some of these stitches on journal covers I have been making and was really pleased with the results.

Instead I have had to content myself with drooling over the 820 stitch manual which I made last year (Can you believe I stitched all the stitches out). Nevertheless this did give me time to me select a few stitches that would be suitable for use instead of using a straight stitching or cross hatching when quilting.