Machine Quilting for Beginners
1 Day

Have you completed a few quilts and are not sure what wadding, thread, needles or what design to choose to complete your quilt. If this sounds like you, then this is the workshop for you.

All the basics will be covered in this workshop, including techniques such as straight line quilting, stitch in the ditch, curved lines,  plus free motion designs such as orange peel, pebbles, feathers, clamshells, loops  and many more.

This is a technique-based workshop. You do not need a top of the range sewing machine for machine quilting.  However, you will need a darning foot that is suitable for your machine.

If you have any queries about this workshop, please go to the contact page on this site to get in touch with me.

Fabulous Feathers
Level – Beginners
1 Day

Learn how to stitch freehand feathers with your darning foot. Fed up with stippling and would like a change? Are you undecided what background fillers to use for putting those finishing touches to your quilt then this is workshop for you. In class we will work on several fabulous fillers such as pebbles, echo quilting, paving stones, loops, orange peels and Mc Tavishing as well as creating your own unique backgrounds!

Quilted Feather Sample
Superior-so-Fine-Sun stitch sample
Grid design:
Level: INtermediate
1 or 2 days

Free motion quilting experience is a prerequisite for this workshop. Beginners wishing to attend this workshop must be confident with their FMQ.

Have a relaxing and fun day working on several new grid designs I have introduced to this class

This workshop builds on many of the grids taught in my fabulous feathers workshop. We will review designs such as clam shells and orange peels along with the introduction of many new designs.

Note: A, 2-day workshop may be arranged to include complete beginners where basic quilting techniques will be taught on day 1.

Ruler Quilting is the Rave
1 day

Competency with Free motion quilting experience is a prerequisite for this workshop

Join me and have a fun day learning the basics of simple ruler work. Once you have mastered the basic techniques, the design potential is limitless. This is a technique-based workshop. Like any workshops you take, you need to practice daily to become proficent. This is the class for you if you have some experience with free motion quilting.

Please get in touch with me on the contact page if you have any questions about any of my workshops.